We have launched a number of strategic initiatives across the university community to build on the extraordinary success of our first hundred years and position Duke for continued excellence in the century to come.

Duke Science and Technology Initiative

This university-wide initiative seeks to address pressing challenges in computing, materials science, and body and brain resilience, usher in the future of research, development, and application, and reshape the way we educate tomorrow’s leaders in science and technology.

  • Empower the boldest thinkers

Racial Equity at Duke

We are committed today and throughout the future of Duke to addressing systemic racism on our campus and setting an example for our nation and the world. We are undertaking comprehensive initiatives to address discrimination and foster a more inclusive, engaged community, launching faculty research grants to support research into racial and social equity, and engaging directly with units across campus to build engaged and supportive environments for everyone who comes to Duke.

  • Strengthen our campus community

Duke Climate Commitment

We are working to develop and articulate our next-level sustainability vision for our educational mission, our campus operations, and our research—through investments in strategic areas of scholarly focus that build on our distinctive strengths across the university.

  • Empower the boldest thinkers
  • Transform teaching and learning
  • Strengthen our campus community

Research Translation and Commercialization

In partnership with industry and other institutions of higher education, we are moving forward with planning to help realize our ambitious goals for commercialization in the region, driving a new era of collaboration and innovation in the Research Triangle.

  • Partner with purpose

Durham & Community Affairs SCIP

In collaboration with leaders across the Durham community, Duke’s Office of Durham and Community Affairs is coordinating our community engagement efforts to forge purposeful partnerships with our neighbors for the greatest positive impact. These efforts are focused in five core areas: college and career readiness, nonprofit capacity, housing affordability, early childhood education, and food security.

  • Partner with purpose


QuadEx is an inclusive undergraduate living and learning model that builds upon the history, values and spirit of Duke to enhance and integrate the social, residential, and intellectual lives of undergraduates. Together, we are strengthening on-campus communities, enabling deeper exploration of intellectual interests, and supporting student wellbeing and growth.

  • Strengthen campus community

Faculty Advancement Series

Designed for all faculty at Duke, our faculty advancement programming provides learning opportunities, resources and networking for faculty peers, experts and key campus leaders on issues relevant to the professional development and advancement of all faculty throughout their careers at Duke.

  • Empowering the boldest thinkers

University Courses

University courses offer gateway experiences to help undergraduates make sense of complex societal issues–from climate change to racial equity–while featuring the breadth of extraordinary scholarship and teachers we enjoy at Duke.

  • Transform teaching and learning

Experiential and Interdisciplinary Learning

Building on the success of programs like Bass Connections and DukeEngage, we are making investments in new collaborative learning models that invite contributions from all corners of the Duke community.

  • Transform teaching and learning

Forever Learning

The Forever Learning Institute is an interdisciplinary, virtual educational program exclusively for Duke alumni. Already thousands of Duke alumni are learning from our faculty and taking courses in four focus areas, stretching the Duke education around the world.

  • Engage our global network
Students sitting on the lawn laughing

Re-Imagining Doctoral Education

Since its initial development in the Academic Strategic Plan, the Re-Imagining Doctoral Education (RIDE) initiative has enabled Duke to better balance the need to sustain disciplinary excellence with our responsibility to offer Ph.D. education that prepares Duke students to make a difference in a wide array of professional contexts.

  • Transform teaching and learning

Duke in North Carolina

Duke is seeking to expand our collaboration and engagement with North Carolina far beyond Durham. From education, to collaborative research, to service, to meeting the healthcare needs of our communities, Duke is committed to advancing the prosperity of the state we call home.

  • Partner with purpose